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Located just 45 minutes south of Houston, Texas, Vapor Tech is a manufacturer of specialty environmental chemicals & equipment. In addition, we lease a broad spectrum of emission control equipment for hazardous/odorous air emissions.

Company History

Vapor Technologies, Inc. is located just south of Houston, TX within the heart of the biggest petrochemical hub in the world. We have been operating for over 23 years and our professional staff have over 100 years experience in the vapor control, petrochemical and chemical engineering fields. We began by developing one of the most advanced mobile liquid scrubber systems in the country. After only a few years, we had the largest rental fleet in North America. In fact, our systems have been in service at 90% of all major chemical and refinery installations around the country. Today, we have a large array of skid and trailer mounted rental vapor scrubber systems which are able to handle flow rates from 1 to over 10,000 CFM.

Another core part of our business is the manufacturing of scrubbers and carbon adsorption systems for end users. These include refineries, storage terminals, chemical companies, maufacturing facilities, laboratories, waste management facilities, and many others. We manufacture systems which completely eliminate hazardous and/or odorous vapors to bring them into compliance. In some cases, our systems are put into place to eliminate odors in sensitive areas (ie.  neighborhoods and populated areas). We specialize in helping you become a good neighbor!

Vapor Tech is also a custom manufacturer of a complete line of chemical products. We produce chemicals for vapor scrubber systems, degassing agents for hydrocarbons, odor control chemical and deodorants, specialty neutralizers and industrial cleaning agents. We also custom blend chemical medias.

In addition, Vapor Tech rents and sells blowers, pumps, and flame arrestors. We also build pump systems and are fully knowledgeable with reference to installation and troubleshooting of pH controllers, flow control devices, logic controllers, and more.

Lastly, Vapor Tech offers engineering and custom fabrication services.


Commitment to the Environment

Our systems are designed to remove hazardous vapors such as hydrocarbons or H2S from the air during a whole host of situations and activities. However, unlike combustive technologies (ex. Thermal oxidixers or IC Engines), our systems do not produce contaminants such as NOx or SOx during the scrubbing or adsorption process. Furthermore, there are many instances where scrubber units are the ideal solution instead of a combustor. For example, chlorinated hydrocarbons such as EDC (ethylene dichloride) produce acid when burned. Not only is this a problem for the machine while burning it but a problem for the air and personnel operating in the area. This is true for other compounds such as chlorine, ammonia and chlorinated solvents. Scrubbers are able to remove the compounds and have zero negative impact on the environment. In these cases, our liquid scrubber units are the only viable solution.

The chemicals used in the scrubber units are also extremely eco friendly. 95% of the chemicals used in our systems are able to go back into a WWTP for bio-remediation. Our oil-based scrubbing solution BIO-SCRUB X is able to absorb hydrocarbons and in most cases be used as a fuel in boilers or other similar systems.


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