Blower Rentals and Sales

We rent and sell a large array of electric and air-operated blowers. These range from small poly and metal pressure blowers capable of 200-400 CFM to large 10,000 CFM systems.

HP750-VFD Blower

HP750-VFD High Pressure Blower (VFD Controlled) is a centrifugal blower designed for 750 CFM @ 76.9" of water. Great for bubble-up scrubbers and other applications with higher pressure drop. This unit is equipped with VFD to control and modulate airflow. Available for rent or sale.

HP750 Blower

HP750 High Pressure Blower is a centrifugal blower designed for 750 CFM @ 76.9" of water. Great for bubble-up scrubbers and other applications with higher pressure drop. This unit has manual damper for flow modulation. VFD version available (HP750-VFD Blower). Available for rent or sale.

1500 CFM Steel Blower

Vapor Tech carries a 1500 CFM steel blower (aluminum impeller) which is skid-mounted (with fork slots). Unit is rated for 1500 CFM @ 22" of water. Includes class 1, div 2 starter box (460V). Unit is designed for non-corrosive applications. Includes damper valve.

10,000 CFM Blower Rental

Vapor Tech offers a 10,000 CFM centrifugal blower for rent. This unit is VFD driven and includes ultra-quiet sound enclosure which meets California decibel ratings. Unit is rated for 10,000 CFM @ 22" of water. Includes enclosure fan to prevent overheating. VFD allows for variable CFM throughput. Available for short or long term rental.

STORM 14 Poly Blower

The STORM 14 rental blower is a skid-mounted poly blower capable of 800 CFM @ 6.5" of water. Unit includes poly skid with fork slots for easy mobility. 460V power with TEFC enclosure. Available for weekly or monthly rentals.

Carbon Drum Blower (Air)

The Airtech 55 blower is an air-operated blower which is completely explosion-proof. This blower assembly bolts to our VP55 carbon adsorber and is able to generate up to 125 CFM of suction through the carbon drum. Includes regulator and filter as well as air valve. May be easily moved from drum to drum.

Pneumatic Venturi Blowers

These units are great for applications which do not have large amounts of pressure drop. Furthermore, they are compact and when grounded offer explosion-proof (class 1, div 1) protection. These operate off of compressed air or nitrogen and do an excellent job providing suction for many types of applications. Some include general tank venting, scrubber system venting, carbon system venting, process venting, etc.

Coppus Blowers

A step up from a venturi-blower is a coppus fan. A coppus fan uses compressed air to spin blades located in an enclosure. High flow rates are possible with a coppus blower if pressure drop is kept low. Even in you have large pressure drop these blowers will perform well and can achieve up to 30% of their maximum flow in most cases. These are mostly used for large tank venting as well as for providing adequate flow to scrubbers and carbon systems. Coppus blowers are considered TEXP (explosion-proof) and can be used in hazardous locations. 20" and 24" diameter versions available.

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