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10,000 CFM Blower Rental

Vapor Tech offers a 10,000 CFM centrifugal blower for rent. This unit is VFD driven and includes ultra-quiet sound enclosure which meets California decibel ratings. Unit is rated for 10,000 CFM @ 22" of water. Includes enclosure fan to prevent overheating. VFD allows for variable CFM throughput. Available for short or long term rental.

  • 10,000 CFM @ 22” of water
  • 480V Power Requirement
  • 18” Hose Connection (inlet)
  • 18” Flange (outlet)
  • Sound & Weather Enclosure
  • VFD Driven

Date 26-Jul-19
File 2019-14039-001
Cust. No. 19-27
Product Line Backward Curved Pressure Blower
Performance Options 85.0% Width Wheel
Size 40
Wheel Type HP
Capacity Operating
Volume (CFM) 10,000
Press. (in wg) 22 (FSP)
Temperature 70° F
Altitude N/A
Speed (RPM) 1770
Power (BHP) 45.6
Density (lb/ft3) 0.075
Max Safe Speed 3600

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