H2S & Mercaptan Odor Control Chemicals

H2S and Mercaptans have a very strong odor and can even be very harmful. Vapor Tech manufactures neutralizers for both of these compounds which are used widely around the world!


When mixed with a light bleach solution (sodium hypochlorite), this product instantly neutralizes the mercaptan and associated odors. Consists of a deodorizer/emulsifier/encapsulator complex. Instantly brings mercaptan into solution (soluble in water) Provides instant odor control for spills or cleaning activities. Excellent for use in scrubber systems


ENVIRO-SCRUB VT is a powerful H2S Scavenger. It quickly and safely neutralizes H2S and can be removed from hydrocarbon liquids, scrubber solutions, natural gas, wastewater streams, and many more. Unlike caustic based products, ENVIRO-SCRUB VT will not allow a reverse reaction (which would liberate H2S in an acidic environment) once the reaction has taken place. Furthermore, this product is minimally effected by CO2. Lastly, reaction products are water soluble and are very biodegradable. Note: Reaction with mercaptans is typically slower and requires longer retention time.

ENVIRO-SCRUB VT (6% Solution)

Enviro-Scrub VT (6% Solution) is a pre-diluted mixture that is designed to quickly neutralize H2S. This 'ready-to-use' solution takes the guesswork out of dilution for a particular job. Since it is already the recommended 6% dilution, not mixing is necessary. Simply add to the reservoir of your scrubber (or tank containing H2S. Each gallon of the 6% diluted solution is able to effectively neutralize .18# of pure H2S. Therefore, a 275 gallon tote of this media is able to neutralize 49.5# of H2S.


EZ-STRIP SS is a non-amine based liquid neutralizer for H2S, SO2, and mercaptans (as well as other compounds). This product converts H2S and mercaptans into non-odorous salts. Concentrated formula made up of sodium hydroxide, accelerators and surface tension breaking compounds react quickly. Unlike amine-based product (Enviro-Scrub VT), EZ-STRIP SS is consumed by CO2. If your stream is rich in CO2, consumption of this product will increase.

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