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Degassing of 200 Foot Gasoline Tank in Deer Park, TX

In late 2004, at a major petrochemical plant, Vapor Tech's rental vapor scrubber system was used to degas a 200 foot diameter above ground storage tank. Vapor Tech's scrubber system consisted of three packed column followed by a 4000 pound carbon adsorber. Our packed-column scrubber system re-circulated Vapor Tech's Carbonil Hydrocarbon Encapsulator to reduce carbon consumption.

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Carbonil XT as an Industrial Chemical Spill Control Encapsulator

At a major petrochemical plant, there was a release of approximately 100 gallons of epichlorhydrin (ECH) into an area surrounding an above ground storage tank. The plant was immediately concerned about the flammability threat as well as the harmful effects to their employees and the surrounding community.

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Carbonil ST and Reducing Contaminated Soil Emissions

A customer used our Carbonil ST product as an encapsulator/deodorant for soil which was contaminated with various odorous compounds including benzene, toluene, sulfide, and other aromatics. These compounds were approximately 1-6 feet below the surface.

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Using D-ODORIT 100 to Treat Fumes in a Scrubber System

Our masking and encapsulation chemical, D-ODORIT 100, was used in a scrubber system to treat odorous fumes and to help encapsulate hydrocarbons.

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CARBONIL XT use in Tank Degassing, Deodorization Application

Our odor encapsulation and LEL suppression chemical, CARBONIL XT, was used to lower high LEL and odor problems in a storage tank. The tank contained many different types of hydrocarbons and solvents including EDC and Toluene.

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