Vapor Scrubber System Rentals

Vapor Tech rents a complete line of vapor scrubber systems ranging from small skid mounted units to large trailer mounted systems (up to 6000 CFM)

SST-20 Vapor Scrubber

Dual column stainless steel scrubber for vapor flows up to 750 CFM. Unit has twin 20" columns and is skid mounted. This unit comes equipped with a magnetic-drive pump (primary) and an air diaphragm pump (backup). Large 20" clean-out ports make maintenance on the reservoir quick and easy. This unit is available for sale and also available in our rental fleet.

SST40-N2K System

The SST40-N2K is a trailer-mounted system comprised of a dual stainless steel packed-bed liquid scrubber (SST-40) followed by a 2000# carbon polisher and a 1500 CFM blower. Excellent for remote jobs and projects. Applications include tank cleaning, vessel and line cleaning, tank degassing and more. Overall system efficiency as high as 99.999%. Available for sale or rent. Skid mounted versions available.

SSTR-54 Triple Column Scrubber

This system is made of stainless steel and mounted to a gooseneck trailer. Vapors are scrubbed through three, 54" diameter towers (8 foot tall each). Unit has on-board pump (460V) which provides flow to all three towers. Third tower has full diameter mist eliminator which removes mist particulate from exiting the scrubber. This scrubber is rated up to 6,000 CFM. Large 1800 gallon reservoir greatly enhances run times which means less down-time changing out solutions. As a separate item, a radial carbon adsorber (R4K Radial) is available to polish vapors up to 99.99%. This unit simply sits behind the scrubber system and may be connected to a blower to help evacuate tanks or process equipment.

Eliminator 550 Scrubber System

The Eliminator 550 is a 'forced induction' vapor scrubber unit. The main shell and internals of this unit are made from 304 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and longevity. These units use the force of the vapors through the unit to come in contact with our specialized stainless distributors which are located inside of the unit. The primary distributor creates a 360 degree pattern for the vapors to radiate out to the main distributor. The main distributor has enormous surface area yet provides almost no back-pressure inside of the unit. It is here where liquid-to-vapor cohesion takes place. This transfer zone yields extremely high removal efficiencies (high as 98%) for compounds such as hydrocarbons.

Eliminator 550-N1K Scrubber System

The E550-N1K is a complete trailer-mounted vapor scrubber unit designed for vapor flows up to 500 CFM. This complete system has an Eliminator 550 vapor scrubber unit, twin 1000 pound NOVAC carbon vessels and flame arrestor. Options such as nitrogen purge system and electric blower are available. Typically these units are being used to filter vacuum truck exhaust but they do have many other other uses including being used as a VRU for tank venting. Overall efficiency of this system is over 99.99%. Trailer mounted system makes it ideal for in-plant services. Very easy to tow behind a vehicle and set in place for operation.

PPS-24 Vapor Scrubber System

The PPS-24 vapor scrubber unit is an all-poly packed-column vapor scrubber designed for corrosive applications where steel is not suitable (example: acids, chlorinated products). This unit skid mounted and is designed for flows up to 1250 CFM. Unit has main magnetic-drive re-circulation pump and backup air diaphragm pump. Solution reservoir holds up to 450 gallons. Efficiencies as high as 99.99% possible. Options such as pH Control, blowers, level control, immersion heater and more are available. Contact a sales associate for details.

PPT-24 Poly Vapor Scrubber

The PPT-24 vapor scrubber system is an all-poly unit designed for applications where steel is not suitable. This includes acids, chlorine and chlorinated vapors or chemicals. This unit is skid mounted and comes with an electric (main) and air-operated diaphragm (backup) pump. Good for vapor flows up to 1250 CFM. The PPT-24 has two towers with a total packing height of over 7'. The unit has a large solution reservoir (450 gallons) which reduces down-time to change spent chemical media. Options such as pH control and blowers are available. Available for purchase or rental.

PET-48 Poly Vapor Scrubber

The PET-48 is an all-poly liquid vapor scrubber designed for airflows up to 4500 CFM. This unit is manufactured from 100% poly materials which makes it ideal for corrosive applications. Great for neutralizing vapors including acids, bases, H2S, ammonia, chlorine and many more. Removal efficiencies as high as 99.9% possible. Skid mounted for easy mobility. Available for rent or sale.

E6500-R3K High Volume Scrubber

Trailer mounted wet scrubber followed by twin 3000# Radial Carbon Beds. Designed for flows up to 6500 CFM with low pressure drop. Excellent for tank venting, hydroexcavation vapor control, airmover exhaust, GAP Vac exhaust and many other applications.

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