Steel Vapor Scrubber Systems

SST-20 Vapor Scrubber

Dual column stainless steel scrubber for vapor flows up to 750 CFM. Unit has twin 20" columns and is skid mounted. This unit comes equipped with a magnetic-drive pump (primary) and an air diaphragm pump (backup). Large 20" clean-out ports make maintenance on the reservoir quick and easy. This unit is available for sale and also available in our rental fleet.

Hazardous Vapor/VOC Possible Removal Efficiencies
EDC 99%
Amines 99%
Acrylates 99%
Mercapatans 99%
Hydrogen Sulfide 99.9%
Wastewater Odors 99%
Hydrocarbons (BTEX, Etc.) 99%

Maximum Flow Rate (CFM) 750
Minimum Flow Rate (CFM) 10
Maximum Pressure (PSI) 2
Maximum Temperature (°F) 160
Pressure Drop Across System (@500 CFM) with Carbon Approximately 7” of Water
Pressure Drop Across System (@500 CFM) without Carbon Less than 3” of Water

Overall Unit Footprint (Scrubber Skid) 72”W x 74”L
Empty Weight (Pounds) 1500
Vapor Inlet 6” Flange
Vapor Outlet 6” Flange
Number of Towers 2
Tower Diameter (Inches) 20
Packing Height (Feet) 10 (Total for Both Towers)
Reservoir Capacity (Gallons) 450
Liquid Fill Port 2” Camlock Connection
Re-Circulation Pump Type Magnetic Drive Pump (1” Pneumatic Backup)
Number of Pumps 2
Utility Required for Pump Mag-Drive (460V,3P) / Pneumatic (Compressed Air)
Pump Air Consumption (SCFM) 65
Available Blowers Venturi Air-Horn / 250 CFM Electric
Unit Equipped with Mist Eliminator? YES
Cleanout Ports on Scrubber Unit 2 - 20” Vacuum Lids

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