Steel Vapor Scrubber Systems

SSTR-54 Triple Column Scrubber

This system is made of stainless steel and mounted to a gooseneck trailer. Vapors are scrubbed through three, 54" diameter towers (8 foot tall each). Unit has on-board pump (460V) which provides flow to all three towers. Third tower has full diameter mist eliminator which removes mist particulate from exiting the scrubber. This scrubber is rated up to 6,000 CFM. Large 1800 gallon reservoir greatly enhances run times which means less down-time changing out solutions. As a separate item, a radial carbon adsorber (R4K Radial) is available to polish vapors up to 99.99%. This unit simply sits behind the scrubber system and may be connected to a blower to help evacuate tanks or process equipment.

  • Tank Cleaning
  • Large Tank Degassing Projects
  • Centrifuge Vapor Control
  • Plate Press Vapor Control
  • Line Stripping Emissions
  • Process Emission Control

Vapor Tech offers many types of chemicals for use in our scrubber systems. To achieve the highest efficiencies and safety, it is crucial that the scrubbing media is tailored to your specific vapor stream. Through our vast experience in the chemical and vapor scrubber industry, we will optimize the equipment and chemical needs of your specific application. A few of our common scrubbing agents are listed under 'Vapor Scrubber Chemicals' on this website. If you have questions about which chemistry is best for your application let us know. We have over 100 years combined experience!

Maximum Flow Rate (CFM) 6000
Maximum Pressure (PSI) 2
Maximum Temperature (°F) 140
Pressure Drop Across System (@ 3000 CFM) with carbon Approximately 12” of water
Pressure Drop Across System (@ 3000 CFM) without carbon Less than 3” of water
Overall Unit Footprint (Trailer Size) 8’W x 20’L
Trailer Type Gooseneck
Empty Weight (Pounds) 12,000#
Vapor Inlet 12” 150#
Vapor Outlet (From Scrubber Tower #2) 12” 150#
Number of Towers 3
Tower Diameter (Inches) 54
Packing Height (Feet) 15 (Total for all 3 Towers)
Reservoir Capacity (Gallons) 1800
Re-Circulation Pump Type Electric Centrifugal
Number of Pumps 1
Utility Required for Pump 460V 3 Phase
Electric Consumption 30 Amps (Pump), 50 Amps (3000 CFM Blower)
Available Blowers 1500 CFM, 3000 CFM and 6000 CFM
Unit Equipped with Mist Eliminator? YES (Located in 3rd Tower)

Surface Area (Cubic Feet) 132
Carbon Capacity (Pounds) 4000
Maximum Pressure 2 psi
Temperature Gauge Yes
Inlet/Outlet 12” 150# Flange
Cleanout / Service Port Removable Top Lid

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