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EZ-STRIP SS is a non-amine based liquid neutralizer for H2S, SO2, and mercaptans (as well as other compounds). This product converts H2S and mercaptans into non-odorous salts. Concentrated formula made up of sodium hydroxide, accelerators and surface tension breaking compounds react quickly. Unlike amine-based product (Enviro-Scrub VT), EZ-STRIP SS is consumed by CO2. If your stream is rich in CO2, consumption of this product will increase.

  • Tank Cleaning
  • H2S Abatement
  • SO2 Scrubbing
  • Line Cleaning
  • Vapor Scrubber Systems
  • Rail Car Cleaning

Dilution Rate 4 to 1 with water in most cases
Application Method Spray Systems or in Scrubber Systems
Special Instructions Maintain pH level of 11.7

For maximum neutralization potential, maintain a pH of 11.7 or higher in scrubber systems. If stream has high CO2 levels, EZ-STRIP SS will be consumed by CO2 as well as the compound needing removal (H2S, SO2, etc). Thus, expect higher usage rates of EZ-STRIP SS when high CO2 levels exist.

Specific Hazard Corrosive liquid
Flash Point (°F) Above 220°
Biodegradability Good
pH 13.0-13.7
Unusual Hazards Avoid soft metals
Other Information Degrades with CO2 presence

Available Quantities 5, 30, 55 and bulk quantities
Packaging Material Poly
Other Information Do not let product freeze.

EZ-STRIP SS was used in a scrubber system at an asphalt plant to help control H2S levels during a specialty product mix. H2S levels were 500 ppm before the scrubber. EZ-STRIP was added to the scrubber unit and the pH level kept at 12. A twin column vapor scrubber was used to control the H2S emissions (Model SST-40). After the first tower the H2S levels were reduced to 29. After the 2nd tower the reading was 0 ppm. Thus, the scrubber was able to reduce the H2S levels from 500 to 0 ppm without the use of any carbon media.

EZ-STRIP SS was used to neutralize chlorine vapors stemming from a process at a chemical facility. One of Vapor Tech’s twin column units (CST-18) was used to neutralize the effluent chlorine gas coming from their reactor. CFM levels were low (200 CFM) and the ppm of chlorine before the scrubber was 180. After both towers the chlorine levels were 0-1 without any carbon or post treatment.

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