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Featuring a broad spectrum of equipment, chemicals, carbon medias and services which treat hazardous and odorous air emissions.

Vapor Control Equipment

Wide array of emission control equipment including vapor scrubbers and carbon adsorption systems

Steel Vapor Scrubber Systems

Vapor Tech manufactures many types of steel scrubbers designed for use in tank cleaning, degassing, pipeline cleaning and degassing, vacuum truck emission control and much more. Custom units also available!

Poly Vapor Scrubbing Systems

Vapor Tech manufactures a complete line of 100% poly scrubber systems which are ideal for applications where metals are not suitable. Great for vapors including acids, ammonia, chlorine and more! Custom units available!

Carbon Filtration Equipment

Vapor Tech manufactures a full line of specialty carbon filtration equipment. From our industry leading NOVAC carbon beds to our high-flow Radial carbon beds, we have the equipment to get you in compliance!

Eliminator Series Vapor Scrubber Systems

The unique internal structure of the ELIMINATOR scrubber units make removal efficiencies as high as 98.5% for most hydrocarbons including benzene, toluene, xylene and more.

Vacuum Truck Scrubber Systems

Manufacturer of a wide range of scrubbing systems to treat vacuum truck exhaust and higher airflow Air-Mover exhaust

Air Moving Equipment

Vapor Tech carries a full line of air moving equipment and blowers to assist in vapor control operations.

Rental Equipment

Comprehensive rental fleet of vapor scrubbers, carbon filtration equipment and blowers

Vapor Scrubber System Rentals

Vapor Tech rents a complete line of vapor scrubber systems ranging from small skid mounted units to large trailer mounted systems (up to 6000 CFM)

Carbon Vessel Rentals

Vapor Tech rents a wide array of carbon filtration equipment. From NOVAC carbon beds to high flow Radial carbon beds, we are your source! Contact our rental department today for a solution!

Blower Rentals and Sales

We rent and sell a large array of electric and air-operated blowers. These range from small poly and metal pressure blowers capable of 200-400 CFM to large 10,000 CFM systems.

Chemicals & Carbon Media

Wide range of chemicals including scrubbing chemistry, odor neutralizers, H2S scavengers, degassing agents and more. Many carbon medias available as well

Vapor Scrubber Chemicals

We manufacture a wide range of chemistry to treat many types of hazardous and odorous vapors. From hydrocarbons, amines, acrylates, hydrocarbons and many more. Below are a few of our more popular scrubbing medias designed for use in wet scrubber systems.

Carbon Filtration Medias

Vapor Tech carries a full line of specialized carbon medias ranging from virgin media to highly specific impregnated medias for ammonia and H2S.

H2S & Mercaptan Odor Control Chemicals

H2S and Mercaptans have a very strong odor and can even be very harmful. Vapor Tech manufactures neutralizers for both of these compounds which are used widely around the world!

Hydrocarbon Degassing Chemicals

This product line is known as the 'CARBONIL' line of degassing products, which are water-based and designed to lower LEL and emissions of many types of hydrocarbons.

Odor Control Chemicals

A unique line of chemicals that counteract and/or neutralize a variety of unpleasant odors. Some of these products contain deodorants and encapsulation ingredients that work together to provide maximum odor control.

Industrial Strength Cleaning Chemicals

Specialty cleaning agents for industrial applications that are designed to remove tough residues and substances found in most industrial facilities.

Specialty Chemicals

Vapor Tech manufactures and sells other specialty products and chemicals, which may not fit into the other categories listed on this website.

Other Products & Services

Other products and services we offer

Engineering, Design & Custom Fabrication

Vapor Tech offers other services from engineering and design to custom manufacturing.

Supplies & Equipment

Useful supplies and equipment for the environmental and petrochemical field. These range from specialty duct hose, flame arrestors, drums, totes and much more.

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