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Removes hydrocarbons from airstreams in scrubber units with high efficiency. Bio-Scrub X is used full-strength in a scrubber system and will adsorb many different organic compounds. Some of these include benzene, toluene, xylene, aromatics, gasoline, and many more. Depending on circumstances, this product can absorb up to 98.5% of organics in an airstream before initial saturation. Contains no detergents or deodorants. Diesel Warning: Diesel fuel is not recommended as a substitute for Bio-Scrub X in scrubber systems. Diesel fuel has a high foaming potential and can result in large amounts of liquid carry-over into the outlet of the scrubber and/or carbon bed polishers. Foam in a scrubber will result in much lower removal efficiencies as well. Lastly, diesel fuel is a VOC product whereas Bio-Scrub X is not (prior to accepting VOC vapors).

  • Vapor Scrubber Systems
  • Vacuum Truck Emission Control
  • Frac/Mix Tank Vapor Control
  • Hydrocarbon Stripping

Dilution Rate Does not dilute with water
Application Methods For use in scrubber systems only
Special Instructions None

Add BIO-SCRUB X to reservoir and DO NOT dilute with water. Make sure there are no pumps seals which are made from rubber as this product will cause them to swell and fail.

Specific Hazard Eye and skin irritant
Flash Point (°F) Above 220°
Biodegradability Excellent
pH N/A for oils
Unusual Hazards Incompatible with rubber
Other Information Highly biodegradable formula

Available Quantities 5, 30, 55, 275 gallon totes and bulk.
Packaging Material Poly
Other Information Product will freeze at 32°F.

BIO-SCRUB X was used in a packed column scrubber system that was removing EDC (ethylene dichloride). The customer stated that the scrubber unit with BIO-SCRUB X was removing 70% of the EDC prior to carbon. Previously they were using Carbonil and getting 60% removal of EDC but had issues with foaming.

During testing of BIO-SCRUB X we found that we could absorb 98% of VOC’s coming from Vapor Tech’s ELIMINATOR Vapor Scrubber Unit. The ELIMINATOR Scrubber System is a brand new, cutting edge liquid absorber which will enable extremely high removal of VOC’s without the use of carbon (we always recommend carbon as a safety net). Using gasoline vapors as a base, we had 800 ppm at the inlet of the scrubber (VOC Meter). On the outlet of the scrubber unit we had a reading of 12 ppm. This is a removal of over 98%.

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