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Highly concentrated hydrocarbon degassing/deodorization chemical agent. Reduces hydrocarbon VOC emissions and odors immediately! Greatly lowers or eliminates flammability (LEL) of many flammable hydrocarbons and solvents. Highly dilutable formula! Contains very pleasant fragrance. Non-hazardous formula. Approved for use in many major petrochemical plants.

Super-concentrated hydrocarbon encapsulation chemical agent. Carbonil XT chemically binds with hydrocarbons and other oil-based chemicals. This product greatly reduces LEL levels within 12 hours of application (60% reduction within 30 minutes usually). Excellent for use as a pre-treatment for tanks needing entry with high LEL. Moderate cleaning capabilities. Contains deodorant. Moderate foaming capabilities.

  • Tank Cleaning
  • LEL Control
  • Hydrocarbon Stripping
  • Spill Control
  • Fire Prevention

Dilution Rate 5 to 1 with water up to 20 to 1
Set Time 30 minutes to 24 hours
Special Instructions Warm water helps stripping

For vapor scrubbing applications, make sure product has been treated with defoaming agent (Si-Foam 10).

Specific Hazard Eye and skin irritant
Flash Point (°F) Above 220°
Biodegradability Excellent
pH 10.5-11.5
Unusual Hazards None

Available Quantities 5, 30, 55 and bulk quantities
Packaging Material Poly
Other Information Do not let product freeze.

Carbonil XT was used during and EDC tank cleaning operation to lower LEL in a storage tank. Carbonil XT was diluted 1:15 with water and then applied to tank walls. Eight hours later LEL was less than 1% and the tank was safely entered.

Carbonil XT was being used in one of Vapor Tech’s SST-40 packed column vapor scrubbers at a refinery in Illinois. Vapors were being emitted from an oil-water separator. Customer was using straight carbon to control vapors prior to installing the Vapor Tech scrubber using the Carbonil XT chemical media. Customer informed Vapor Tech they have been saving over $12,000 per week in carbon media related costs. System is now permanently installed into the process due to the cost savings.

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