Industrial Strength Cleaning Chemicals


Powerful water-based cleaning agent comprised of acid, detergents, and solvents. Cleans a wide variety of substances including PCB's, oils, grease, carbon black, and many other stubborn substances. In addition, this product may be used to remove color from tank walls. This product is also used as a scrubbing agent in liquid scrubbers to neutralize amines and ammonia vapors. Dilutes with water. Removes broad range of stubborn chemicals including PCB's. May be used to lower color levels on tank walls. May be used as a liquid scrubbing agent. Corrosive material!

  • Tank & Line Cleaning
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Stain Removal (on tank walls and concrete)
  • PCB Remover
  • Calcium & Lime Remover
  • Excellent Acidic Degreasing Agent

Dilution Rate Up to 10 times with water
Set Time 30 min to 24 hrs
Temperature Warm water helps stripping

To avoid a reaction, when diluting this product, always add this product to water. Never add water directly to this product!

Specific Hazard Corrosive Liquid!
Flash Point (°F) Above 220°F
Specific Gravity 1.10 at 68°F
pH 1.5-2
Unusual Hazards None
Other Information Contains phosphoric acid!

Available Quantities:5, 30, 55 and bulk quantities
Packaging Material:Poly
Other Information:Do not let product freeze.

A tank cleaning company had already cleaned a tank but was failing the wall test. The wall color was still too high for the tank to allow the next product to be stored. The tank cleaning company tried washing the tank with caustic but still could not get the color down to allowable limits. Vapor Tech was called out and we tested our Phos-Scrub on a small section of the tank. It was allowed to soak for 30 minutes and then it was rinsed with water and dried. A wallwash test was then performed and that area passed. Phos-Scrub was then applied the next day and the tank passed the color test two days later after it was rinsed thoroughly.

This customer had a build-up of calcium and lime deposits on fin fans and condenser coils. Phos-Scrub was sprayed on the fans/coils and allowed to soak for a few minutes. After 15 minutes the fans/coils were sprayed with water. Phos-Scrub dissolved the deposits and only one application was needed. The use of Phos-Scrub was then instituted in the customers’ SOP for regular cleaning and maintenance of the fans and coils. The Phos-Scrub residues were pH balanced with sodium bicarbonate and then sent to their small WWTP.

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