Carbon Filtration Equipment

VP55A Carbon Adsorber for Ammonia

The VP55A carbon adsorber is designed for vapor phase flows up to 120 CFM. A specialized acid impregnated media (400 pounds) specifically targets ammonia and amines. Removal efficiency as high as 99.9%. Available in larger sizes as well.

  • Product Storage Vents
  • Sewer Vents
  • Process & Reactor Vents
  • Lab Applications
  • Wastewater Odor Control
  • Frac & Mix Tank Vapor Control

Vapor Inlet 2” FNPT
Vapor Outlet 2” FNPT
Monitor Port 3/4” FNPT (fits most breakthrough indicators)
Internal Distributor Steel
Dimensions 25” dia x 35” h
Internal/Exterior Coating Epoxy/Enamel
Carbon Fill Volume 7.0 cu ft
Cross Sectional Area 2.8 sq ft
Approx. Carbon Weight 400 lbs
Vessell Construction Steel
Shipping Weight 445 lbs (approx)
Options Available Venturi/Electric Blower, Breakthrough Indicator

Maximum Flow 120 SCFM
Maximum Pressure 15 psig
Maximum Vacuum 17” Hg
Maximum Temperature 140°
Incompatible Vapors Ketones & Aldehydes (Fire!)
Fire Hazards Low Flow with High VOC’s

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