Carbon Filtration Equipment

R4K Radial Carbon Vessel

Vapor Tech's R4K radial carbon bed adsorber is designed for airflow rates up to 10,000 CFM with low pressure drop (when compared to traditional linear beds). Unit holds 4000# of vapor phase carbon media. This adsorber includes Vapor Tech's one-of-a-kind safety features such as multiple temperature gauges as well as liquid/nitrogen purge system. Top easily removes for removal and loading of carbon media. Large internal manways provide easy access to internals. Main internals are 304 stainless steel. There is no other radial carbon bed on the market like this unit! Comparable systems for this flowrate are typically 8'W x 22'L and hold 10,000# of carbon. This unit is excellent for use in areas where space is limited. Large fork slots make the unit easy to move around. Available for sale or for rental.

  • Compact Design!
  • Holds 4000 pounds of GAC (granular activated carbon).
  • Internals made of stainless steel.
  • Multiple temperature gauges.
  • Easy to remove lid.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • May be used in a vacuum.
  • Liquid/Nitrogen purge system included to help avoid thermal events.
  • Available for purchase or rental.

Unit Footprint 102” diameter
Unit Height 101”
Vapor Inlet Size & Type 18” Flange (150# bolt pattern)
Vapor Outlet Size & Type 18” Flange (150# bolt pattern)
Typical Carbon Volume (granular carbon) 4000 lbs
Maximum Airflow 10,000 CFM
Maximum Pressure 2 PSI
Maximum Vacuum 1.5” Hg
Sample Ports Inlet and Outlet
Unit Drain Valve Yes
Liquid/Nitrogen Purge Yes
Loaded/Empty Weight 8840/4840 lbs

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